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As with sports in real life sports games online are a popular pastime. They have been in vogue since ancient times there isn't an end in sight; their popularity isn't likely to wane.


Baseball sports games online are a big hit. Super Slugger-In this baseball game the player attempts to hit the baseball into the wild blue yonder against some tricky pitches. In Pitch Hitter the player tries to make as many home runs as possible.

The NBA 2000

This game is number six in a set of basketball games that features basketball stars. The All Star players from the 50's to the 90's are included in the game and you play against them. One-on-one games are also played with match-ups like Allen Iverson vs. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. There are so many pros included in the game that one-on-one playing can be an endless stream of different basketball stars for quite a few times.


Web Soccer is a single player free online game and you head your favorite team. There is a six-on-six competitive game objective. There is a tournament mode. You can enhance your game playing soccer skills. The top teams are offered in this game like Brazil, Italy, United States, and France.

American Football

A football sports game in which the play is broken and there are no time outs'you gotta win the game immediately.

Fishing Games

Many people like to fish for the sport and for relaxation. Others also enjoy competing in fishing tournaments. For those who like to fish, fishing games are fun and sometimes other people like them too. Some fishing games are more realistic and simulate a certain kind of fishing and other fishing games are more lighthearted.

Realistic Fishing Games

Trophy Bass games like Trophy Bass 2 and 4 are along the realistic line. Fishing Similator1.2 is also realistic and you need skill to play it. Challenge Fishing 2000 is a multimedia fishing game made to play with windows. The game involves a fishing match of six rounds between the player and the computer.

Other Fishing Games

In the game Hook, Line, and Sinker there is a fisherman in a small boat and the object is to get his line down and catch fish. The player has to catch a certain number for each level to move to the next level. He can upgrade and get longer fishing line. He gets more points for catching bigger fish and can get his line eaten by a shark. He has to get the same kind of fish to move up.

The player in Reel Fishing is in a boat and can pick his cast distance and he turns his line with the arrow key. When he catches a fish the type and pounds pops up on the screen and the points for that catch.

The point of Sawfish lagoon is to rack up as many points as you can. The size and kind of fish determines how many points you get for a catch. Your game stops when you don't have any more lures. The fish in this game have a lot of stamina and pull away from the fisherman. The fight is on.

There are as many kinds of sports games as there are sports. If fishing, football, soccer, basketball, or baseball games aren't your thing. There are other sports games you may get a kick out of such as tennis, hockey, or golf.


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